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The Most Common Claims That Business Owners Face

Whether you own a small business or a large company, facing claims from your employees past and present is par for the course. There are very few companies in the world that have never faced a claim from a current or past employee, which is why it is always recommended that they hold some form of employment practices liability insurance.

Here is a look at three of the most common claims that are faced by businesses:

1. Walkways and Parking Lots
One of the most common claims a business faces is against the walkways/parking lots related to their business. For example, if someone is injured at parking lot next to a bowling alley, they could end up filing a suit against the bowling alley for negligence. Typically, these claims are related to hazardous materials left in the area, potholes, cracks, wet/slippery surfaces, and/or snow/ice that has not been properly cleared.

To avoid such claims, ensure proper maintenance of the designated areas, and leave clear signs in the event of construction, water spills, and/or increment weather.

2. Harassment Cases
Sexual harassment, or other types of harassment, is another common claim that is filed against businesses. These claims are typically filed by employees, with female employees usually filing more complaints than males.

Having a strict, clear and properly demonstrated sexual harassment policy is vital for any company. Going over this policy with employees ensures that no one is in two minds about what is appropriate and what is not allowed in the work place.

If you face initial reports/rumors about work place harassment, speak to the parties involved and terminate the guilty party’s contract as soon as possible.

3. Employee Injuries
Even if you do not own a construction company or a building site, it is possible to get employee injury claims all the time. Something as simple as a wet floor, to an unsafe part of your store can result in severe injuries. If an employee has medical bills and/or work hours lost due to these injuries, they tend to file claims against their place of employment.

Interested in how you can protect your business from such claims? Contact our agency to learn more about our business insurance solutions.