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Parked Car Hit and Run: Where to Start

If your car is hit in a parking lot and the driver of the other vehicle drives off, what steps should you take to get the damage repaired? Knowing your next move will ensure that you pay as little out of your own pocket as possible.

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Talk to your insurance agent to determine which part of your policy to use to file a claim. In most cases, you will use your collision coverage to pay for any damage that occurs as a result of the accident. You will also want to give us details surrounding the accident as well as submit a copy of a police report if you involve the authorities.

Take Pictures Of Your Car
Taking pictures of your car and documenting exactly what your car looked like after the accident can help you catch whoever hit you. This is because the police can narrow down the type of car that hit you by analyzing the color and type of paint left on your car from the accident. Additionally, your insurance agent is going to want to see evidence that your car was actually damaged in a parking lot accident.

What Happens If The Other Driver Is Found?
If the other driver is found, your insurance agency will seek reimbursement from that driver’s insurance company. The other driver will also face charges related to leaving the scene of an accident. In the event that you were forced to pay for the damage yourself, you can take the other driver to court to recover your losses.

It is never easy to discover that your car is damaged and the responsible party fled the scene. However, you should be able to get reimbursed for any damage to your car that needs to be repaired at an auto shop. Our agents at Hundley Batts & Associates are happy to help through this unfortunate event. Allow us to make the process as simple as possible.