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Aviation Insurance

At Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency, we have the commercial aviation insurance services that will keep your aircraft soaring.

As the owner of an aviation company, you are well aware of the risks within the aviation industry. As a result of these unique and high risks, aviation insurance policies are clearly different from those in opposing areas of transportation. While you may be an expert in the air, aviation insurance may not come to you as easily. Fortunately, Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency is here with a high-level of understanding, experience and solutions.

Our agency takes great pride in specializing in this unique type of insurance. Our dedicated staff is well-versed in aviation terminology and the risks that are associated with the industry. With this knowledge, we are able to bring your company the most comprehensive and valuable protection possible.

Solutions for Sky Travels

There are a wide variety of coverage options that should be considered for your airplane(s), including the following:

  • Aircraft Liability Insurance: Coverage is designed to protect the insured from claims made by third parties, including protection from bodily injury, property damage, or fatality.
  • Additional Insured: Also known as Passenger Liability insurance, this policy is designed to protect additional individuals riding in the aircraft (besides the insured) in the event of injury or fatality.
  • Hull Insurance: Coverage is designed to protect the aircraft from physical damages.
  • In-flight Insurance: Coverage is designed to protect the aircraft against damage, whether in flight, ground operation, parked, or stored.
  • Medical Payments: Coverage is designed to cover hospital, medical, surgical, and even funeral bills—up to a limit.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Coverage is designed to protect the insured from any damages made to third party property, such as homes, vehicles, facilities, etc.

There are plenty more options available, too. Contact our agency for more information.

Fly with the Professionals

Are you ready to learn more about our aviation insurance? Our brokers are ready to be of service to you. For a free aviation insurance quote, please fill out the form on this page or give our agency a call at 888-458-3974.