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FAQ: Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover My Motorcycle in My Garage?

One of our main priorities at Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency is to ensure that each and every question is met with an answer. We believe that it is essential for all buyers to understand exactly what he or she is purchasing, being clear on what an insurance policy will or will not cover. This week, let’s discuss whether or not your motorcycle is covered under your homeowners insurance.

The short answer to this question is no. Your motorcycle will not be covered if it is included in the damage done to your home as a result of any covered perils on your homeowner’s policy. Motorcycles and other vehicles are excluded from homeowner’s policies and require additional insurance for them if you want them to be covered.

Even if your motorcycle is not registered or you bought it strictly as a “fixer upper” and its pieces are in boxes on your garage shelves, you still may not have coverage for damages under your homeowner’s policy.

The good news is you can buy a very affordable motorcycle policy for your bike to make sure it is covered for anything that could go wrong. Even if it’s just sitting collecting dust in the garage, things can happen when you least expect them. Whether you have a beautiful custom chopper or something you picked up at a yard sale, be sure to insure your motorcycle if you want to have coverage for all those unexpected events that could happen at any time. You wouldn’t want that “fixer upper” to cost you more than it should.

Give our agents at Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency a call to hear more about your motorcycle insurance options. We would be happy to further discuss this separate policy to ensure that you have maximum protection.