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Reporting a Home Insurance Claim in 4 Steps

If it’s time to file a home insurance claim, it’s likely that you have experienced an unavoidable circumstance. Fortunately, if you have coverage in place, you are prepared! This is exactly why you have insurance—to help get you through an ordeal that disrupts daily routine and financial stability.

Since you have prepared for this pitfall, it is now time to prepare for the claim. Allow our friendly agents at Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency help you do so.

Call your agent ASAP. Don’t concern yourself with the hour. If there’s been a fire, you and the family may need a place to stay. Your insurance will likely cover that. Your agent will tell you exactly what you need to do next, if anything. For the most part, they may ask some questions and let you get back to handling more immediate matters.
As soon as possible, start assessing your damage. Cover as much of the property as you physically can, keeping a list. Don’t start cleaning or throwing things out. There are a lot of people who need to see the aftermath. Take pictures, recover any receipts you can, and especially take note of valuable items and their cost. Make this list as thorough as you possibly can.
Most of us don’t pay attention to the details of our policies until a time like this. But, yes, now is a good time to see exactly what your insurance covers. Unless purchased separately, a lot of policies do not cover flood damage. So regardless of fire, earthquake, or hurricane, any resultant damage from flooding may be problematic. Find out early in the process.
Adjusters will assess damage and determine a payout. If you are unhappy with their decision, contest it with your own adjuster’s estimate. Be prepared to stand your ground because they may come back with a lower estimate, unless you can prove you deserve more.
At this stressful time, you’re going to need to maintain a clean, level head while you navigate the home insurance claim process, especially in the fight to get what you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact our agency for help at this time—that is why we are here!