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Aviation Safety: 5 Tips to Protect your Passengers

As a pilot, you bear a large amount of responsibilities—especially if you are traveling with passengers. To ensure safety onboard, it is critical to enforce safety policies, procedures, and education. As your aviation insurance agency, we are here to help you keep the unexpected from occurring, especially while in the air.

Take a look at these five safety tips:

#1: Make sure that your flight attendant gives the proper safety lecture at the beginning of the flight. Keep a safety briefing card at each seat for your passengers to look-over.

#2: A seatbelt should be worn during the majority of the flight, especially during turbulent times.

#3: Ensure that your plane has enough floatation devices aboard for your passengers.

#4: Carry-on restrictions should be enforced to eliminate the chances of an accident.

#5: Portable Electronic Devices should be turned off during specific times. It is important to remain educated on when and why this is necessary.

If a flight attendant notices a passenger who is not listening, he or she should speak up. Even a minor accident could not only harm your passengers, but your reputation.

At Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency, we take great pride in our knowledge and experience with the Aviation industry. Aside from general safety, we specialize in this unique type of insurance. Our staff is not only well-versed in aviation terminology, but the risks that pose a threat to pilots. Our knowledge and experience allows us to bring your company the most comprehensive and affordable protection.

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