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Welcome to Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency — providing insurance for a better tomorrow!

Located in Huntsville, AL, Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency has been in business since 1972. Hundley Batts Sr., an experienced and qualified insurance agent in the insurance industry for more than 40 years, is active in providing solutions for his clients’ insurance needs. With Hundley Sr. leading the way, the agency has grown immensely throughout the years—licensed and serving over 20 states.

At Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency, every last staff member is licensed to sell. No man or woman is left behind! With a strong team and a solid educational background as the foundation, our agency is proud to bring our knowledge and experience to the Alabama community and beyond.

Insurance Solutions from the Experienced

We are able to write both personal and commercial insurance policies, basic and specialized.

For individuals and families looking for personal coverage, we can bundle auto, home, and other policies for discounted rates. Our agency is also able to provide both regular and high value coverage for your home, sweet home. We offer a number of additional policies, from flood to umbrella insurance, to ensure that every home is covered from top to bottom—no gaps!

If you are a business owner, you’re in luck. Our agency offers a wide variety of commercial choices to choose from. Business owners who are not sure where to begin should put their worries aside. Our agents are here to be your guide. We can write the most basic policies, including liability, property, and workers compensation. Aside from the basics, we pride ourselves in providing unique insurance solutions for specialized businesses, including high-tech companies, aviation companies, the entertainment industry, small contractors, and more.

Personal or commercial, Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency will help you to navigate your way through the insurance process. It’s that simple.

Your Trusted Choice Agency

At Hundley Batts & Associates Insurance Agency, we make it a point to sit down with each and every one of our clients. Together, we want to go over EXACTLY what you need and let you know EXACTLY what we can provide for your unique situation. Here, we believe that it is just as important to remain informed as it is to remained covered.

Are you ready to learn more about the value of coverage? Please reach out to our agency by calling 256-533-6200 or fill out a free quote form, today. We look forward to being your trusted choice agency.